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Wine Folly is developing digital guides to the wine regions of the world and you have the opportunity to be part of it!

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In order to be part of the guide, we invite you to join Global Wine Database. Global Wine Database is the winery profile tool being used to create the Wine Region Guides. What’s useful to note, is the basic winery profile on Global Wine Database is 100% free.

Simply verify your winery profile, add any additional winery information, and upload your current vintages of wine.

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Why This is Worth Your Valuable Time

Benefits to having a winery profile when the Wine Guide launches:

  • The basic winery profile is 100% free.
  • Benefit from the marketing efforts to promote the guide.
  • Verified wineries receive prioritized filtering (even with free accounts).
  • Get sales through purchase links (with a Pro plan).

About Wine Folly Guides

The Region Guide is a dynamic digital guide that allows consumers to explore wineries and wines through learning. By exploring regional wine varieties and maps, people can discover exciting new wineries and wines.

A Wine Folly Guide is made of two parts: an appellation guide and wine catalog.

Wine Catalog

The Wine Catalog is a collection of real wine information and winery profiles powered by you, the producer. This exploratory tool will be used by consumers, the trade, and media audiences to discover wines of the region.

The Wine Catalog is hosted by Global Wine Database, which is a sister company to Wine Folly.

Appellation Guide

The Appellation Guide features general regional facts, figures, contextual articles, and custom graphics to inspire readers to explore a region’s wineries and wines.

The goal is to increase awareness through education and allow wines to be found with real time and dynamic content.

Next Steps For Wineries

Go to and click “sign up.” A message window will pop up in the bottom right hand corner of the site.

After verification is complete, you’ll get access to your winery profile.

Be prepared:

  • Filling out a profile in full detail takes about 60–90 minutes
  • Have your logo and high res photos of your winery ready
  • Include wine bottle photos
  • Gather tech sheets (tasting notes, production figures, and technical information.)

If you need help uploading your assets, please feel free to contact Global Wine Database customer support at

Wine Folly is thrilled to offer this new and compelling digital experience product. Thank you again for helping your community grow digitally!

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