San Juan Creek

This warm area of Paso Robles sees little rain and has abundant sunshine - perfect for creating big, bold red wines. One of the most photogenic regions of Paso Robles, this far flung AVA is not to be missed.

Due to the warmth and sunshine, San Juan Creek has a similar climate to southern Italy and parts of Spain, which means in addition to Cabernet Sauvignon we also find Aglianico and Tempranillo. These grapes fare well with less water, and in a dry area like San Juan Creek, they work well.

Quick Facts:

  • Major Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Sirah, Aglianico, Tempranillo
  • Vineyard acres: 3,000 (1200 hectares)
  • Established: 2014
  • Elevation Range: 980-1600 ft (300-490 m)
  • Total Area: 26,000 acres (10,500 hectares)
  • Diurnal shift: 25 – 50 ºF (14-28ºC)
  • Annual Rainfall: 10 inches (250 mm)
  • Soils: Sandy loam and clay