Growing Conditions

Brecon vineyard was the third or fourth Cabernet vineyard planted in all of Paso Robles. About 15 acres are still standing strong (amazing since they were planted on their own roots), whereas their slightly older brethren have long since succumbed to a rather large yellow bulldozer. We solely use grapes from the western slope for the Reserve program. For us the economics are unimportant, we have a special duty of care to elucidate the special uniqueness of old vine Cabernet planted on calcareous bedrock topped with linne calodo clay.


Production notes
Less experienced winemakers might try to over oak or extract while missing the whole point of a perfectly balanced expression of sensuous maturity. Hence why old-vine Cabernet truly requires a skilled hand. Sure, we use a little Petit Verdot as topping wine. For us it’s akin to slipping granny something to get the venerable old lady doing the fandango at her granddaughter's wedding. The older vines shine through but now have a wicked twinkle in their eye.