Paso Robles Wineries

    With a laid back ethos, beautiful views, and a range of tasting experiences, Paso Robles wineries have something for everyone. Let’s explore them together.

    The rolling hills of DAOU Family Estates in Paso Robles.

    With over 200 wineries and tasting rooms, Paso Robles has a lot to offer. On top of the diverse range and size of wineries, from very boutique to quite large, Paso Robles has a great diversity in landscape.

    Whether you want to venture to a winery closer to the coast to feel the marine fog and wind rushing in from the Pacific, or if you want to climb high into the Cholame Hills to the east - you’ll find a laid-back environment.

    If you want to find amazing wines and have fun in a beautiful but relaxed space, then checking out some of the Paso Robles wineries is a must.

    Paso Robles Winery Facts:
    • There are more than 200 wineries in Paso Robles
    • Most wineries produce less than 5,000 cases a year - that’s tiny!
    • 90% are run by families who live and work on the vineyard
    • Paso Robles makes up about 9% of California's vineyard area.
    Selected Paso Robles Wineries

    Robert Hall Winery Image
    11 Wines

    Robert Hall Winery Verified Organization

    Robert Hall wines are a tribute to hard work and pride in craft. Our award-winning wines represent the heart of the vibrant and premier Paso Robles winemaking region. Our estate-grown varieties have big, bold characteristics and our wines are crafted with rich, complex flavors. Come taste our limited Cavern Select wines and experience our seasonal Wine & Food Pairing. Take a private tour of our unique, expansive caverns and sample wines straight from the barrel. Or explore our estate vineyards and finish with a private seated tasting with accompaniments. Join us and experience THE GOOD LIFE. WELL-EARNED.

    Cabernet Sauvignon Blend
    Cabernet Sauvignon

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