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A brief history

Cabernet Sauvignon was first to be planted on the Saunders Vineyard in Paso Robles in 1992 by Jim and Debi Saunders. As a teen, sneaking out of the house during harvest nights to watch the party animals at the nearby cellar showed Scott Saunders the mysticism and intrigue of winemaking. After many years working on the vineyard and winery, Scott produced his first official brand of wines, Arbuckle Ridge Winery.
The Saunders vineyard in Paso Robles is what Arbuckle Ridge Winery is named after. The dominating soil type is Arbuckle. It is characterized as a magnesium-rich clay that is wonderful for moisture retention. There is a 500 foot elevation change between the bottom of the vineyard to the top.
Our main focus is our Cabernet Sauvignon made with an emphasis on balance, not letting one attribute outshine the other.
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Established in 2017

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