This estate wine is dark and elegant.

Growing Conditions

100% estate-grown Petit Verdot

Planted in 2007, our Malbec, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc vines are thriving on our 7 acre-vineyard. We experience wet, cold winters and hot, dry summers, common to a Mediterranean climate. The coastal influence brings cool nights, with diurnal temperature swings as much as 50 degrees per day, which allows our grapes to maintain high acidity. Ayar and Diablo soils dominate the property, which are derived from calcareous materials of shale and sandstone and possess water holding capacities over 8 inches.

The majority of our vines are grafted on rootstock 101-14 Mgt (Millardet et de Grasset), which was specifically chosen due to its adaptation for moist, clay soils. We have an in-ground well and six irrigation blocks, which are monitored and employed by our vineyard manager, Melani. Our goal is to restrict water usage to increase the flavor of the grapes while maintaining healthy vines.

We are currently in the process of working towards our “Sustainable in Practice” (SIP) certification, with the goal of being completely sustainable by 2022.


Hungarian/American for 36 months

Food Pairing

It will pair well with rich meats or roasted eggplant.