This wine is a perfect example of how close Paso Robles can resemble the great houses in Chateauneuf Du Pape. In the early days I always chickened out and added too much Syrah thinking the world only wanted big, heavy wines. For the past several years we have been very true to CDP with this wine and prefer using Grenache as the base with a heavy dose of Mourvèdre. Oubliè always has great acid that makes the beautiful flavors pop, but this year in particular I trusted one of our associate winemakers Kyle Jury and chose the fresher, pure blend as opposed to the one with more wood and Syrah. Admittedly nervous at first, this wine is a homerun. In the beginning Oubliè was a tough sell with a name and varieties that are hard to pronounce, but now that the critics have fallen in love with it so have the consumers. This will rival the 14 as the best we have ever made.