Deeply colored red hues express the full extraction and amazing acidity of this wine. The nose is full of earthy spice, currant and blackberry. Ripe dark red fruit, richly dense tannins and refreshing acidity make for a surprisingly juicy palate and clean finish for such a powerful wine.

Growing Conditions

The chalky soils of the Calcareous Vineyard produce fruit forward wines balanced by firm backbones of tannin and acid. This play between richness and structure is most prominent in the Bordeaux varietals and especially in this blend. 2019 was a vintage built for blends. With wide ranging states of ripeness in the vineyard, blending these 5 varietals allowed us to precisely balance all the strengths and nuances of the vintage.


Each of these varietals ripen at a different time in the vineyard, thus each is handled separately during harvest, with blending taking place after completion of primary fermentation. This form of treatment also allows for a full sensory evaluation of the young wines before they are deemed acceptable for inclusion in the Lloyd blend. Bordeaux varietals demand an oxygen rich environment for fermentation, thus each lot was open top fermented with twice daily pump overs and délestage performed as necessary to fully realize extraction. After pressing, free-run and press fractions were evaluated for proper balance and were then combined to form a final blend for aging.


Should drink beautifully for 12-16 years.

Food Pairing

A highly versatile red at the table, can easily pair with heartier vegetarian dishes all the way to our local classic oak fire grilled tri-tip.