Peaches, apricots, jasmine flowers, honeycomb


Light, sweet, with very slight effervesence

Growing Conditions

The harvest of 2016 was nearly ideal. No frost events in spring and generally seasonal weather with some well-timed heat spells to aid in ripening the grapes. In September, the temperatures made big swings from night and day which lengthened the hang time on the vines and resulted in very balanced wines with crisp acidity and mild tannins.

- VINEYARD SOURCES: Dos Viñas and Stone’s Throw


Sept. 2016


May 22, 2017


The key to making a delicious Muscat Canelli is being able to trap in the beautiful aromas and flavors of the grape and balance the sweetness with enough acid to make it light and refreshing, rather than thick and cloying.
A long, cool stainless steel fermentation retains the distinct Moscato characteristics. The wine is bottled with a little of the carbon dioxide leftover from the fermentation to make it lively and to lift the fruit aromas.

- RS: 3.73%


Light, golden yellow