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A brief history

Cypher “Cracks the Code” of the art and science of winemaking, creating exceptional wines that reveal both complexity and elegance. Each sip is the result of an enigma unveiled. As seen in nature, architecture, math, and science – exceptional design requires both form and function expressing strength and beauty.

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Established in 2010

740 Pine Street
United States, California


Meet The Team

  • Susan A. Mahler

    Proprietor Susan A. Mahler (AKA SAM) is focused on creating fruit-forward wines that elegantly express varietal and the terroir from which they are grown. As a devoted gardener and cooking enthusiast, SAM loves taking people on a food and wine journey inspired by the season and garden. “My goal is to make people feel relaxed and inspired by their experience at Cypher, to surprise them with some interesting and unexpected pairings, and have them remember their experience with a renewed connection and love for the great things we harvest from the Earth. “Sharing my creations for the enjoyment of friends, family, members, and visitors is the pinnacle of my journey.”

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