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Defiance Vineyard

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Defiance VineyardWhipper In

Our first in the Defiant Blend Series and tribute to Proprietor Bill Faulkner, this Red Blend keeps it namesake as it is evokes characteristics of all who are defiant: bold, intelligent, structured, fierce and unique. The name Whipper-In comes from the Faulkner Family’s love and history with horses. The painting pictured on the bottle label is Bill as a young man, and former president of the West Hills Hunt Club. In traditional fox hunting, there are several hunt staff and officials. Two of which are the Huntsman, and the Whipper-in. The Huntsman is in charge of directing the hounds, while the Whipper-in's main job is to keep the pack all together. We have our own Whipper-in, and you too can have one. It's our new Bordeaux Blend, and guaranteed sharing it with friends or family, will most definitely result in keeping the pack together 100% Estate.