With its bouquet of black cherries and cassis, cedar, vanilla, tobacco, fresh cracked peppercorn, and red rose, it is undeniably a Cab.


The mouth-filling elegance of this wine perfectly touches your entire palate’s surface area and will leave you wanting more for now and more for later to age in your cellar. Making a transcendental impression, this wine lingers on the senses long after you’re done drinking it.

Growing Conditions

Parentage: 100% York Mountain Vineyards
AVA: York Mountain | Templeton
Stomping Grounds: One west-facing sandstone hillside on top of York Mountain

York Mountain Vineyard:

The York family had vineyards on this mountain, and now we do too! In the spring of 2015, after much dreaming and planning, we began planting vines at this “cool climate” site (colder than Burgundy). Located just seven miles from the Pacific Ocean at an elevation of 1,500 feet, this property falls in the small 640 acre York Mountain AVA, which is outside of the very large Paso Robles AVA.

The soils and climate are very different than our other two vineyards; we get to try our hand at sand and sandstone soils (some areas look like you are on the beach) along with a very moderate climate due to the even closer proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Due to the elevation and distance from the ocean, York Mountain receives more than twice the amount of rainfall as our other vineyards and has characteristic foggy mornings throughout the year with cool breezes all day long.

Planted: 2015 Acreage: 21 under vine, 128 total Soils: sand, fragmented and fractured sandstone pH: high 4s to mid 6s AVA: York Mountain Red Varietals: Grenache, Syrah, Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon White Varietals: Viognier and Roussanne


October 24, 2019


Graduation: Bottled July 24, 2021 | Debut: Released Fall 2022


The king of varieties is making its first appearance at Epoch via our 2019 Creativity and is doing so with a splash as 100% Cab entirely from our York Mountain Vineyard.

Rearing: Fermented in 100% new French oak puncheons


Aged 18 months in French oak barrel and puncheon (70% new)