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A brief history

A small, family owned and operated winery started by brothers Gino and Joe Perata. Our approach starts in the vineyard: we only use our own grapes and all of them are dry-farmed (no irrigation). We aim for small berries for intense, concentrated flavors. Picking starts at lower sugar levels than most of Paso Robles so that our wines are lower alcohol. Once the grapes are picked, we aim to let the wines reflect the season. We look for maximum extraction of flavor and color during fermentation and then barrel age the wines in either a small amount of new oak barrels or neutral (old) barrels. Our wines are big and rich with a higher acidity because we are of Italian heritage and we enjoy eating while drinking our wines. Our wines are excellent with food when young, or great for sipping once they have aged for 10+ years.
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Established in 1987

1595 Arbor Road
United States, California


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