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A brief history

Located in the westside hills of Paso Robles Adelaida District AVA, the vineyard is where everything begins. Our vision is a balanced approach to farming by allowing nature to point us in the right direction in order to enhance the quality of our fruit. We are growers first and winemakers second. Our farming techniques are inspired by the many farming practices we have been exposed to by our neighbors, friends, and the winemakers who buy our fruit. We take this combined knowledge, borrow from old world and new world techniques and do our best to balance modern science, biodynamic farming, sustainability, and common sense.

Despite all the preparation or expert advice we might have, mother nature will always decide the final product. We believe the chaos of farming is the miracle of viticulture and is what creates unique and magical wine.

Our goal is not to force or manipulate this natural growing process, but to enhance what is already happening in the vineyard and showcase the intricacies in our final product.

Our 240 acre estate provides a unique variety of soil types, slope orientations, and microclimates that are rare to find all in one vineyard. With 1000 feet of vertical elevation difference, temperatures in our vineyard can vary by as much as 20 degrees in different locations. It is important for us to have our wines convey the complexity of this topography with layers of character that would normally come from multiple AVA’s. Our long-term approach requires gentle nudging to attain our goals of the highest quality possible while maintaining sustainable practices that ensure the longevity of our vineyard.
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