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A brief history

Kaleidos is my passion, encompassing many elements of my life, including my love of family, Rhône varietal wines, and the rolling hills of west Paso Robles.

This project came about after I spent time working for both Clos Pepe Vineyards in Santa Rita Hills and Summerwood Winery here in Paso Robles. I learned much from winemakers like Wes Hagan and Scott Hawley, and ultimately decided to forge my own path. I bought 24 acres of beautiful westside Paso Robles property in 2004, parked my Airstream trailer, and rolled up my sleeves. I have planted about 2500 vines on a little more than an acre and have five more acres to cover. It’s slow going, but it’s important to me that this work gets done to my exacting sustainable standards, as I plan to be here for a long time.

While waiting for my vines to mature, I have made wines for the first few vintages with fruit from my friends and neighbors. I will most likely continue some of these contracts once my vineyard comes under full production, as the fruit I have been afforded is stellar, and will add depth and dimension to the young fruit from my estate vineyard.

The Kaleidos label is named for a shop my mother had when I was young, where she sold kaleidoscopes and other works of art. The name resonates with me personally, but also relates directly to my wines. As the light and colors of a kaleidoscope come together to create unique images, the vines here combine the elements of soil and sunlight to develop distinctive fruit characteristics.

The consistent attention to detail can be tasted with just one memorable sip. I welcome you to experience the fruit of my passion in a bottle. Kaleidos wine is available for tasting at the tasting room located in Tin City at 3075 Blue Rock Road, Paso Robles.
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