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A brief history

We specialize in limited red blends from our estate vineyards in the westside Willow Creek District of Paso Robles.

Linne Calodo wines are a vivid reflection of this land, and of the distinct soils for which the winery is named. This has been our way ever since owners Matt and Maureen Trevisan bootstrapped Linne Calodo starting in 1998, helping redefine Paso Robles winemaking with their boundary-blurring blends and their infatuation with eco-sensitive farming.

Like our wines, our tasting room intends to exist seamlessly with nature, nestled into a forest of ancient oaks surrounded by vines. Dramatic lines and expansive windows draw you in, welcoming you into the world of Linne Calodo. Enjoy a relaxed tasting hosted by our experienced staff, many of whom double as vineyard workers or cellar hands. Their mission is to provide you with hands-on insights into our Grenache, Syrah and Zinfandel-inspired blends.

The entrance to our tasting room is conveniently located where Highway 46 West and Vineyard Drive converge. Come experience the iconic wines of Linne Calodo.
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Established in 1998

3030 Vineyard Drive
United States, California


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