Growing Conditions

A very cool winter with just over half of our yearly rainfall transitioned to a cool, moist spring that led to a later than normal bud break. May through July was temperate with below average daytime highs. August and September temperatures were 20% higher than normal with two record heat spells in mid August and early September. Our coastal moisture pushed the smoke from Napa and Big Sur fires high in the sky. The orange tinted marine layer shielded the grapes from the summer sun and smoke in a surprising boost to late summer ripening conditions. Harvest started September 9th and was wrapped by October 15th. 2020 was solid vintage overall on the West side of Paso Robles. Fruit quality was high with welcomed lower than normal acids.


Lightly pressed into a selection of French barrels (31% new) for native yeast fermentation. Batonage (lees stirring) several times a week for texture and allowed to complete natural malolactic fermentation in barrel. Aged for 20 months.