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A brief history

MCV® Wines opened it's doors in 2011 with the purchase of four and a half tons of some of the highest quality Petite Sirah to be found in the Paso Robles AVA. We eagerly jumped on the opportunity for these grapes and swiftly discovered an incredible wine making facility where we could in turn create our wines. Before harvest was over we found three more tons of Petite Sirah as well as some Grenache and Syrah totalling around 10 tons for 2011. I am happy to say that we are still happily working with both the same original Petite Sirah vineyard and wine making facility.

Here at MCV, we focus on unique and interesting blends that revolve around Petite Sirah. This wonderfully dark and rich grape is smooth, elegant and delicious yet, bold, powerful and age-able. It has the unique ability to be made in various styles that can be used to create multiple wines from the same grapes.
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Established in 2011

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