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A brief history

Ascending toward the crown of Windy Hill in the Geneseo District of Paso Robles, the Rails Nap estate is a 30-acre series of rolling hillside vineyards coveted for their well-drained, shallow soils, which result in naturally lower yields and intensely flavored fruit.

The porous sandy loam soils of our estate contribute to this effect, allowing moisture to drain freely and ensuring limited vine vigor.

The climate is marked by pronounced “diurnal” temperature swings, whereby warm, sunny days are followed by cool nights and mornings.

During the summer growing season, daily temperature swings of 40 degrees or more are not uncommon. The afternoon warmth allows for the development of ripe, full-flavored fruit, while the cooling effect helps maintain balance and structure.

We leverage all of these qualities with healthy mix of Old World techniques and state-of-the-art viticulture practices.

Each label of Rails Nap wine depicts the contours of our estate, reflecting the sense of place that drives what we do.
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