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A brief history

We believe wine is "made in the vineyard," and have a year round commitment to our vines. The vines are managed by hand with the utmost care, from pruning, shoot positioning, leafing, trimming, to harvest. Traditional "old world" family winemaking techniques are combined with modern concepts to ensure our grapes' unique qualities are reflected in the wines.

Our vineyard is planted with 10 different varietals, giving us many blending options for our Estate wines. Our artisan wine making style strives to maintain the balance that began in the vineyard -- handcrafting a finished wine that brings out all the big flavors the fruit has to offer.

Our property has diverse tasting areas with stunning views of our vineyard with plenty of space for a relaxing wine tasting . We welcome and can accommodate events of all kinds, including our bi-annual Club Member Party. We hope you will see our passion in the finished product, and that our fine wines will help create a unique and memorable experience.
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