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A brief history

Everything we offer from Rangeland is sustainably managed and grown right here in the Adelaida. We are a family-owned business and we all contribute. We are committed to creating wine, food, and experiences for our guests that reflect the natural beauty and bounty of our land. Although we are not from agricultural backgrounds, we have spent 20 years learning the rudiments of ranching, winemaking and land stewardship by learning from others and simply doing it ourselves. We have our hands in each part of the process -- picking grapes, herding cattle, bottling wine and actively conserving the natural beauty of our ranch. We strictly limit the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in the vineyard, using our sheep herd as mowers and fertilizers instead of tractors and herbicides when we can. Our cattle herd is rotated carefully from pasture to pasture, leaving our soils intact and our landscape rich in wildlife, even in drier years.While we’ve had the assistance of many expert advisors in viticulture, winemaking and livestock management as well as the helpful hands of friends and neighbors, we retain personal control and daily involvement in the operation of the ranch. We take pleasure in the work and we think this hands-on approach adds a richness to the products we bring to you. We encourage you to enjoy the fruits of our land without complications: just drink, cook, eat, and enjoy. You can taste the authentic difference.
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