After aging in French and American barrels for 18 months, our wine reveals ripe flavors of black plum and currant with accents of vanilla and dark chocolate. Structured tannins provide texture and depth with a lengthy finish. Enjoy the darkness!

Growing Conditions

The quality of the vintage was excellent. The weather was ideal with a long growing season that provided great “hang time” for the grapes. Winemakers Anthony Riboli and Arnaud Debons work closely with multiple vineyards from various districts within Paso Robles. All vineyard owners are long-term partners in this process. Each vineyard lot is fermented separately to preserve the unique flavors of its terroir.

- Clone 9


September 30, 2016


The word ‘opaque’ means “impenetrable to light” and refers to the dark, inky, impenetrable color of our family’s Malbec. Originally from Cahors Southwest of France, Malbec is now mainly planted in Argentina. We were so impressed by this wine from our estate vineyard in Paso Robles, that we bottled it without any blending.


18 months in 72% French & American

Food Pairing

Try our exquisite Malbec with chimichurri steak, roasted potatoes, or gorganzola cheese.