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Villicana Winery Estate Liquid Hope Rose Bottle Preview
Villicana WineryEstate Liquid Hope Rose

Once again, we dedicate our very popular Vin Rosé to our, unfortunately many, club members, friends, and family who have been touched by cancer. We personally know that it is hope, and loved ones, who get us through these difficult times, thus the name Liquid Hope. Whether it is you personally, or someone close to you, this devastating diagnosis touches the lives of so many. As it states on the back of the label, our Rosé was crafted to be enjoyed and shared now, not in 5 years, as we know that our friends battling illness and their families are living in the hopes and possibilities of today, not tomorrow. $1 of every bottle has been donated to help those who are currently faced with cancer. We are hopeful that every little bit helps. Please raise a glass in celebration of the gift of another day for the many of you who have put this battle behind, and for the hopes and possibilities that lay ahead for those who are currently facing difficult times. Also, please say a toast for those who have passed, and are still vibrant in our hearts, including my beloved mom, Tina. This was one of her favorite wines (2nd to our Zinfandel).