Brun Argenté or Vaccarèse is a red wine grape that is grown primarily in the Rhone Valley in France. It is a permitted grape in the blend of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, where the name Vaccarèse is used. However, in 2004 only 0.15% of the appellation's surface was planted with the variety

Since the Vaccarèse variety of red wine is moderately acidic, it goes well with foods that are not too acidic.

For example, the Vaccarèse wines would be a good complement to something like a Grenache, which is not very acidic but rather a little sweet.

Food Pairing

Other food items that the Vaccarèse goes well with are non acidic lasagna that is filled with cheese.

Since wine is always a good mix with cheese, even in the case of the Vaccarèse variety of red wine, it is a good choice.

Goat cheese is especially preferred as a table appetizer when the table wine is Vaccarèse.

Although Goat Cheese is preferred with several white wines in certain parts of southern Italy, in northern Spain it is widely used with the Vaccarèse variety of red wine.

The Vaccarèse variety of red wine is also typically served along with certain desserts such as tarts.

This is especially true for non-lemon tarts, which are not highly acidic. Tarts such as chocolate tarts and strawberry tarts are a good complement to the Vaccarèse variety of red wine.