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A brief history

Brian and Natalie Brown moved to Paso Robles in 2016. Both winemakers professionally, the two already produced wine under multiple brands. Knowing that they would eventually plant a few acres of grapes on the new farm and produce wines from this fruit, they decided to envelope all of their projects under one roof: The Willow Creek Wine Co.

Currently they produce wines under the following brands:

Rococo - producing old vine Chenin Blanc
Soubrette - focuses on Paso Rhône blends
Emerson Brown Wines - a Napa Cabernet project
In Medias Res - their Tête de Cuvée estate wines

The Willow Creek Wine Co. is located on SōNA Estate, which is on Vineyard Drive in the Willow Creek District of Paso Robles, California. In addition to farming their own fruit, Natalie and Brian have spent years fostering relationships with other growers and producers, and source from premier vineyards as far south as Santa Barbara and as far north as Napa Valley.

Producing clean, site driven wines with minimal cellar intervention has always been something the partnership has been committed to. Although they have different winemaking educations, the two see eye to eye on stylistic decisions and technical details.

Ultimately, their promise to each other is to never bottle a wine that they wouldn't drink themselves.
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Established in 2016

4070 Vineyard Drive
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