Jammy boysenberry and blackberry, along with a fresh hint of raspberry.


These fruit aromas carry through to the palate and
are accentuated by underlying tones of peppercorns, dried tobacco and roasted coffee.


The vineyards that we source for Troublemaker are located along the Central Coast, with the majority grown in the Paso Robles AVA. The
region is primarily arid, like the Mediterranean, so the inland areas of the Central Coast tend to average 14 inches of annual rain and have
mild to moderate weather throughout the growing season, which is perfect for these red varietals to grow. Our summers are warm to hot
which slows berry development, keeping them small with a desirable skin to juice ratio. We harvest from mid-September to late October.
Harvest months are typically warm and dry, aiding in fruit maturity. Our growing season is long, aiding in pronounced and balanced flavors and color.


January 2023


The grapes were harvested, crushed, then cold-soaked prior to fermentation in five-ton, open-top tanks, as well as and 20-60 ton closed-top stainless steel tanks for 7 to 14 days.


Wines were aged in oak for an average of 20 months, depending on the vintage (2015 – 2021). All barrel aging was done in French and American oak barrels, 70% of which were new. Blend 16 was initially assembled in November of 2022. The final blend was crossflow filtered prior to bottling.


Opaque Purple

Food Pairing

Taco Night