A bouquet of florals presents you with hints of lavender, jasmine, saffron and rose petals.


This wine, vinified via carbonic maceration, is a definitive porch pounder with a light red body that you grab from the fridge on a hot day. It’s light bodied, yet complex—taking advantage of the carbonic method’s inclination to show an unmistakable gumdrop character that underpins loads of small fruits, such as cherry, raspberry, blue and blackberries, and that’s just to start. Delving deeper into a taste of Can't Stop.

Don’t miss out on this popular new take on a classic Paso varietal!

Growing Conditions

Denner Vineyard, Willow Creek District


Edgar has incorporated the “Nouveau” technique known as carbonic maceration, where grapes are left on their stems in a sealed tank to produce a light and fruit-driven expression.