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Bodega de Edgar Toro de Paso Bottle Preview
Bodega de EdgarToro de Paso

Spanish wine culture is rich with the history and style of the “Old World '' of Europe, but unafraid to challenge traditions and experiment with new ways of vinifying ancient varietals. In many ways, it’s a New World wine region located in the Old World, and represents the best of both. Paso is strikingly similar to Spain, both in terms of soils and climate, as well as envelope-pushing winemaking in the “international style,” with its fearless approach to extraction and use of oak. For this wine, Edgar is showing off his rendition of the wines of one of his favorite regions in Spain: Toro. Technically, this wine is a Tempranillo at 83%, which brings in berries, blue and black fruits, and a meaty, leathery characteristic. In order to bring some streaks of red fruit and brightness to the wine, Edgar is blending in Garnacha. In order to honor the traditions of Toro ,Edgar uses both the same clone of Tempranillo, as well as the same barrels that they use in Spain–a custom made Pentria barrel, using a full palette of French and American oak that really adds an incredible spice to the wine that you’ll not find anywhere else in Paso.

Bodega de Edgar Mis Pasos Bottle Preview
Bodega de EdgarMis Pasos

“Mis Pasos” means “my steps” in Spanish. With this wine, Edgar gets creative and produce a true “California Red Blend” wine, using small percentages of various grapes that defy any standing conventions, sourced from multiple vineyards, and made with creative winemaking and aging protocols. In most of Edgar's other wines, I’m honoring something outside of himself–his wife, his son, a region of Spain, or a particular grape–but Mis Pasos is all about Edgar's journey and his evolution as a Paso Robles winemaker. This wine is the most limited production of anything made under Bodega de Edgar, and most of it is allocated to members. You’ll also notice that Mis Pasos features a photograph on the label, which is intentional. This wine is different, it’s an outlier, and has always been a favorite amongst members.

Bodega de Edgar El CabRhone Bottle Preview
Bodega de EdgarEl CabRhone

This wine represents harmony and balance across elements that may seem to be a world apart. Behind my back, my team would joke that I was a “cabron,” meaning (in less colorful language) that I was a stickler; one who has a vision that I refuse to compromise. I'm not afraid of hard work, I don't cut corners, and I'm insistent that my team brings these same qualities to the winery every day. This blend is no different. In their original home of France, these three varietals scarcely share a latitude in common. Cabernet Sauvignon ("Cab") comes from the west, from Bordeaux, while Grenache and Petite Sirah come from southern and eastern France ("Rhone"). Due to their differing regions of origin, they can’t legally be blended or even grown with one another back home, but I know what a special synergy these grapes have when they get to know each other in a bottle, and I refuse to compromise my vision by blindly conforming to the traditions of the Old World. This is Paso, and we are Bodega de Edgar. This is Cabrhone. We are guided by aroma and taste, and traditions can be damned. I’ll always be a “cabron” about that.