Weighty aromas of dark bramble berry, leather and hint of lavender.


Upfront, this wine combines palate coating richness with refreshing acidity. Classic Calcareous cocoa, plum, and tobacco fill out a massive profile. The mid-palate shows no holes, building to a dense finish kissed with a send off of soft toasted French oak tannin.

Growing Conditions

Sealed with the signature of the owner Dana Brown, this wine is built from the best blocks of the Cabernet from our Estate. For 2019 we used Block 7 planted in 2002 with clone 15and Block 17 planted in 2014 with a blend of clone 337 and 412. The 2019 was a great vintage for the production of a high end Cabernet. The slightly cooler conditions emphasized tannin and structure, and given ample ageing time, will produce a wine worthy of being our Signature Cab.


The fruit was handpicked and cluster sorted before de-stemming.


The uncrushed whole berries were then placed into new French oak barrels with the heads removed. The fermentation took place inside the barrels, with mixing and punchdowns performed 3 times daily by the winemaker. Upon completion of primary fermentation, the barrels were temporarily sealed and the wine allowed to sit on the skins for a total of 39 days. The act of fermenting in barrel allows for 100% new oak to be used without the oak profile becoming a dominant feature. The grapes were then dug out by hand, gently pressed, and the wine racked back into the same barrels with the heads now replaced and aged for a total of 32 months.


Projects a deep dark purple in the glass.

Food Pairing

This Cabernet is built for the dinner table and my personal favorite guilty pleasure is the best wine I can make with a perfect sharp cheddar and grilled red onion Kobe burger on a fresh pretzel bun.