Classic aromas of earth covered strawberry and raspberry fill the nose.


Shows exquisite acidity coupled with
heavier dark cherry and plum that couples nicely with rounded soft tannins. Exhibits surprising depth and beautiful balance throughout as dazzling acidity and touches of oak tannin combine harmoniously.

Growing Conditions

Our Pinot Noir is grown on our Carver Vineyard in the York Mountain AVA. York Mountain is separate from Paso Robles, and for good reason. Being at the crest of the Santa Lucia Range and only a few miles from the Pacific coast line, it is a much cooler area then Paso. This is where we grow Pinot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. On a typical August day, temperatures are about 10-15 degrees cooler there then at our Estate Vineyard. Thus we have the ability to produce an elegant Pinot here in Paso Robles area.


About 30% of the fruit was added to the fermentation tanks still on the stem and mixed in with de- stemmed fruit. The addition of the uncrushed fruit still on the stem, called whole cluster fermentation, added beautiful spice, tannin structure, and slowed the fermentation. With the yeast having to ferment from within the unbroken skin of the grape, the lack of abundant oxygen inhibits the yeast and promotes a slow gradual fermentation. These conditions allowed a long 2 days on skin to extract a maximum amount of skin components with out being heavy handed. The lots were gently pressed and the free run and press fractions allowed to settle separately. After 48 hours of settling of the gross phenolics, the wine was transferred to barrel. The malolactic fermentation was stopped at about 80% to allow for the presence of bright malic acid components in the finished wine. The finished wine was then aged in 20% new French oak and 80% neutral French Oak for 18 months. No racking was performed until the final blend of 80% free run and 20% press fractions was put together for bottling.


18 months in 20% French D’Aquataine, 80% Neutral French

Food Pairing

The perfect wine to pair with the varied flavors and textures of fall meals.