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A brief history

Welcome to Cloak & Dagger Wines, where operational security is a very high priority – almost as high as making excellent wine. If you are not using a secure server with military grade encryption, please log off now and exercise more caution in the future.

At Cloak & Dagger Wines, we conspire to produce exceptional wines in extremely limited quantities. Our wines are handcrafted in secret at The Undisclosed Location. The exact coordinates of The Undisclosed Location are classified and attempting to locate it would be highly ill-advised. However, we now offer tasting at our Downtown Paso Robles location.

Minimum security tasting is available at our Tasting Lounge in downtown Paso Robles, overlooking the City Park. Unofficially, we refer to this location as The Tasting Lounge. In order to avoid attracting attention, The Tasting Lounge is located in a small historic building in Paso Robles. Outward appearances would suggest it is little more than a delightful wine tasting venue in the heart of Paso Robles’ vibrant downtown scene. Appearances can be deceiving.

Please call before your visit to confirm hours and availability.
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Established in 2009

840 11th Street
United States, California


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