Star anise, red current


Huckleberry and brambly fruit, bubble gummy avors,
dried herbs

Growing Conditions

Margett Vineyard, San Miguel District Paso Robles AVA
Sustainably farmed. Soils are the Nacimiento complex made of silty clay loam, 15-30% slope on hills, weathered rocks from calcareous shale and sandstone are present in the soils. Elevation is 800 feet. It’s hillside westerly exposure gives the fruit on this property slightly less sun-baked summer afternoons
resulting in more acid-structured and restrained avors.


Taken from a small block adjacent to our Fiano, this Montepulciano
is a thick-skinned bruiser from northern Paso. Not short on color or
tannin, it did however benet from a touch of acidity and
brightness from small additions of Sangiovese and Barbera.

- Élevage - Neutral french oak, native fermentation