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A brief history

JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery is more than a beautiful place to drink exceptional wine. It’s a unique viticultural microclimate. It’s a MICHELIN-starred restaurant. It’s world-class accommodations. It’s tasting rooms at the vineyard and in downtown Paso Robles, and more.

We planted our first vineyard back in 1981 with a mission to make world-class Bordeaux-style blends. Since then, we’ve expanded both our knowledge of viticulture in this unique region as well as our acreage. We combine traditional Old World methods—like hand-harvesting and small-barrel aging in French oak—with New World technology. For example, the “Air Knife”, an ingenious New World process invented by our winemakers, boosts grape quality and efficiency. Once the grapes are harvested, our winemakers—some of the best in the business—gather to sort, select, age, taste, blend and decide what goes into every bottle.

Visit us at the JUSTIN Estate Tasting Room, The Restaurant at JUSTIN, JUST INN and JUSTIN Downtown, or head to our website for more information.

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Established in 1981

11680 Chimney Rock Road
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