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A brief history

Why are we ‘Here’? One, we have long had a passion for Rhone inspired blends. Two, Paso Robles is ‘America’s Rhone’. Those parts were easy. Our mantra was to find a vineyard site that could produce ultra-premium, limited production, Rhone and Priorat style wines that would be a true expression of the site. After two years of evaluating many potential sites (almost to exasperation), we finally found our Holy Grail. The analysis of 42 soil pits on this site revealed coveted limestone with low vigor soils. This, combined with the high elevation and steep slopes, was the unique and remarkable property that would produce the premium fruit we desired. Critical to our goal is a winery that can manifest the quality of the terrific fruit and create a world-class wine. We also believe that the Tasting Room should be an environment much like your home living room, where you can relax with friends and family while enjoying our Law Estate wines. As we continue to showcase and share the best that our estate has to offer, we will always be honored to have you joining us in the adventure.
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3885 Peachy Canyon Road
United States, California


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