A nose of fruit and charcuterie. A spice, likely brought by the stem inclusion. Just a whisper of menthol.


Luscious, with luxardo dipped in chocolate. Brought to balance with bright pomegranate seed, classic chalky Grenache tannin.

Growing Conditions

Old Oak District – Willow Creek District

Here the soils are rich in lime and clay, the rain is plentiful enough, the sun is hot, the nights are cool, the ocean is close.

Singular vineyards farmed by equally singular humans. We prefer dry farming because it is the best expression of place, we prefer Organic farming because it is better, we strive to allow our wines to honor the land from which they were born and the people who tirelessly tended the vines.


Whole cluster on Grenache, 30% stem inclusion on Mourvèdre, native ferments in Sept., then blended into foudre (600 gal. oak tank).

Our goal with this wine is always for it to be a balanced wine, with ample, yet not overbearing fruit, nice spice and game notes. Striking but with restraint. I feel we achieved those objectives with this wine.


Aged 18 months.


Rich opaque garnet color.

Food Pairing

It is long and will live long. It is asking for cuisine.

Herb Crusted Lamb, Chef Jeff’s Lamb Burger, Portabella Tacos @ Halfway Station, Cassoulet