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8 Wines from 11 Grape Varieties

mid•point Spirit of Distraction Bottle Preview
mid•pointSpirit of Distraction

The Story: Bill, the accidental adventure chaser! He went all in, sold every darn thing he owned and moved to California to chase the dream and live on an old boat named "Spirit of Aloha." But man, that name didn't quite float his boat, so he decided to flip the script and rename it "Distraction." Solid choice, right? But here's where it gets hilariously awesome. On his final training voyage, Mother Nature went all wild with high seas, and the crew? Well, they couldn't quite get their words straight. "Spirit of Distraction" it was, a combo of both names. But you know what? That's life, isn't it? Unexpected waves tossing you around, and yet, somehow, "Spirit of Distraction" was the perfect name. When life throws you a big wave, you pivot, and you still make it rock. 🌊🛥️ The Wine: This Grenache Blanc was snagged at a chill 20 brix to keep that killer acidity and steer clear of going too ripe. Even when a crazy heatwave hit over Labor Day weekend, with temps topping 103 degrees, this wine didn't bat an eye – talk about a champ! The way we worked our magic on this juice is pretty rad. Half got the stainless steel treatment with commercial yeast, going through a slow, cold fermentation to lock in those delicate fruity notes. Meanwhile, the other half partied in 500L puncheons, going all natural with the fermentation process. And guess what? The barrel crew brought the heat – faster and warmer fermentation, plus some lees action for that extra texture. Oh, and the oak game? Zero flavor added, thanks to the neutral oak chilling in those big barrels. So there you have it – a Grenache Blanc that's all about that acid, those fruit notes, and a seriously smooth texture. Cheers to keeping things fresh and awesome!

mid•point Rotta Zinfandel Bottle Preview
mid•pointRotta Zinfandel

The Story: Rotta Winery's been in the Zinfandel game since forever. Way before it was cool, and continued during that whole prohibition period (but hush, you didn't hear it from us). So, when the rebrand thing came around, we knew one thing for sure: Rotta's name stays with Zin. And how'd we do that? Well, by giving that Zinfandel the ultimate tribute – the Rotta name right there on the label. But here's the kicker: tradition's our thing. Handmaking that wine? You bet. And we don't stop there – even the cleaning has that hands on touch. You see that kid Mike G. in the pic? He is getting down and dirty cleaning the tank. It's that kind of dedication that's been with us since day one. So, next time you're sipping on that Rotta Zin – you're getting a taste of history, heart, and the kind of spirit that doesn't back down. 🍇🍷🧼 The Wine: Our winemaker's also the farmer, and that's where the magic happens. We're talking multiple picks, and each part of the vineyard gets its own spotlight during fermentation. It's like a symphony of flavors, with crushed fruit and whole berry clusters all blending in perfect harmony. And that's not all – we're all about complexity. We teamed up standard barriques and puncheons for an extra punch. Imagine this wine as your ultimate chill buddy – it's got that soft, easygoing nature, and those brambly fruit flavors. And let's not forget the structure and acidity – they're in the game, making sure you get those blackberry kicks and bright fruit twists. The finish? Think plush, like the coziest blanket ever, and there's this awesome lack of that typical Zin heat on the finish.

mid•point No Forwarding Address Bottle Preview
mid•pointNo Forwarding Address

The Story: No Forwarding Address – that's the ultimate disappearing act. It's all about cutting ties, hitting the road, and leaving the mundane behind. No more bills, no more emails, just you and the open road. It's like saying, "Catch you later, chaos!" So if you're up for some serious magic, embrace the "No Forwarding Address" vibe and let the adventure begin! The Wine: So, us Americans, we're all about those bold, in-your-face flavors, you know? Like, we want a Mocha Caramel Latte over a plain espresso. And when it comes to wine, we're talking about those big, jam-packed ones with that vanilla kick from the oak barrels. But hey, we disagree that flavor can only come from cooked fruit – ever had a fresh fruit trifle? Now, let's talk wine lingo for a sec. Usually, a non-vintage (NV) wine is like a mixtape of leftover wines from previous years, just trying to make something decent. But we're flipping that script. We've taken fresh barrels of Counoise and Carignan straight from the recent 2022 harvest and blended them with some more structured, though still young, Grenache and Zinfandel from 2021. Imagine this: a burst of those red berries hitting your taste buds, and then a herby twist as you finish. Oh, and by the way, this baby's best enjoyed nice and chilled.

mid•point February's Bouquet Bottle Preview
mid•pointFebruary's Bouquet

The Story: Julie's dad, Ed, was the king of practicality, a banker through and through. Cheri, her mom, sports a February 8 birthday. Ed, being the guy who doesn't mess around, figured out a brilliant move. Every February, like clockwork, here comes this bouquet of sturdy carnations for Cheri's birthday, 'cause those babies could hold out until Valentine's Day. Efficient, right? They've got a name for it too – February's Bouquet, the ultimate two-for-one deal. Even though Ed fought hard against Parkinson's and eventually passed on, his spirit is still kickin' through that tradition. Cheers to Ed, to love, and to the timeless February's Bouquet that keeps his memory blooming. 🌸🎉 The Wine: Get ready to meet your new rosé obsession! We took the stainless steel route for fermentation, keeping that fresh zing intact. It's a total tag team effort, a blend of 60% Grenache and 40% Mourvèdre from Hollyhock. Grenache is like the texture guru, adding this weighty feeling that you'll love. But then comes Mourvèdre, swooping in with these citrusy fruit notes that are enchanting. Picture this: a grapefruit party in your glass that's quenching your thirst with a side of subtle fruitiness. And it doesn't stop there – you'll catch those ripe cherry and rose petal hints too, making this a total adventure. A light body, killer acidity, and dry as the desert. So, whether you're lounging or celebrating, get ready for a captivating sip that's bound to steal your heart.

mid•point Rotta Black - NV Bottle Preview
mid•pointRotta Black - NV

The Story: There was once this hidden gem of a grape called Black Monukka. Way back in 2001, it somehow made its way to Rotta Winery and started a whole new life as a fortified wine. Fast forward to 2011, and we're talking some serious petition action with the big shots in the federal government. We wanted that unique goodness to be recognized, legit wine varietal and all. And guess what? We got it! Since then, it's been like a treasure hunt – people coming from all corners, hunting for that taste of the extraordinary. But you know what? When you've got something as special as this, you don't need a fancy name like Monukka. Nah, it's got the DNA of its founding father, Rotta, all over it. That's why we're rolling with "Rotta Black" into the future. The Wine: Rotta Black is like a rebel cousin to Malmsey Madeira, a fortified wine from Portugal. It's all about that "oxidized" magic, aged in toasty barrels that bring out its rich character. Picture this: it's got this seriously cool copper and gold hue, like treasure in a glass. And when it comes to taste, we're talking major sweetness – honeyed goodness with hints of creme brûlée and a dash of vanilla fudge. It's like dessert in a bottle, for real. Oh, and here's a cool bonus – once you pop the cork, this beauty's good to go for about a year. So, you can savor it over time. It's a rockstar in the kitchen too – ever tried it in a cake? Yeah, it's epic.