Aromatics of white peach and grapefruit waft out of the glass initially in a singular and fresh way that is pleasant, albeit understated. For those who look deeper, bright mandarin and overt strawberry scone and lemon tart are underlined by rose petal, orange blossom, and teak along with an omnipresent breath of ocean air.


On the palate, the acid catches your attention first, but not because of its dominance. It is striking from start to finish but perfectly integrated around flavors in a way that makes the palate feel soft. Softness hardly goes hand in hand with striking acidity, but here it acts more of a support piece than the main structure. Bursts of lychee, ripe mango, and fresh pear dominate the flavors, but a sweet and sour zing of star fruit, green apple, and cantaloupe swirl on the palate. Flavors linger longer than expected, a welcomed refreshment perfect for summer sipping.


Bottled in mid-march of 2022.


Picked at about 20 brix. The pressed juice was split into two stainless steel tanks and cold stelled for 24 hours before transferring into their fermentation tanks. One tank was inoculated with X16 yeast, and the other with VIN2000. Both tanks fermented cold and slowly for 20 days before being sulfured and eventually racked and blended into one tank together.


The two tanks were combined into one in December after a few months kept apart for aging in 100% stainless steel tanks. The wines were racked once again before being bottled in mid-march of 2022.