A rising star in the Opolo line up is a fun Rhone-style blend. Leaping from the glass comes black plum skin and black cherry, leading you into rich dark berries with a touch a caramelized sugar. All snapped together with a zippy finish. As you hear that famous ice cream truck jingle, you are taken back to your younger years. You lean up to the door and order a double scoop of that black plum skin and black cherry on a waffle cone.


As you take your first lick you taste rich dark berries with the caramelized sugar, smiling ear to ear you listen to the jingle getting fainter and fainter in the distance.

Growing Conditions

The grapes for this wine are sourced from Opolo’s estate vineyards in Paso Robles. Cooling breezes from the nearby Pacific Ocean contribute foggy mornings and lower summer temperatures, which produces exceptional, expressive fruit.


The grapes is handpicked at night to ensure that the fruit arrives at the winery very cold.


The grapes are delicately destemmed and crushed ever so slightly in order to split the skin. The resulting must is cold soaked for 4 days before being warmed and fermented. After 20 days of fermentation the wine is gently pressed, settled and racked to barrel for 15 + months.