A persistent stream of small bubbles gives way to fresh aromas of white nectarine, Meyer lemon and toast.


On the palate, hints of stone fruit, mineral and freshly baked bread are supported by a thread of crisp natural acidity that culminates in a refreshing, toasty finish.

Growing Conditions

Black Jack Vineyard is owned and farmed by the Rava family, a third-generation farming family. Ideally situated on a gently sloping hillside of the Santa Lucia range in Monterey County, the vineyard enjoys foggy mornings and warm days followed by late afternoon coastal breezes and chilly nights. These cool temperatures allow the grapes to ripen slowly over a prolonged growing season, resulting in expressive, aromatic fruit.




Rava sparkling wines are crafted using time-honored méthode champenoise techniques. The cuvée, or base wine for this sparkler consists of 100% Chardonnay grapes, which were fermented in small stainless steel barrels to retain the vibrancy of the fruit. The cuvée, along with a mixture of sugar, yeast and nutrients, was bottled for the second fermentation where it benefited from contact with the lees. The wine was then riddled and disgorged using state-of-the-art equipment at the Rava sparkling wine facility. A small dosage was added before the sparkling wine was corked, adjusting the sweetness to the dry Brut level.