Growing Conditions

The 2019 vintage began with a cool start. We saw above average rainfall in Paso Robles helping to cleanse soils. The cool weather protracted bud break and bloom delaying our growing season. A heat wave in late July helped to accelerate our delayed season with harvest starting about 7 days late at the end of August. The weather became more seasonal until several frost events in late September and October created challenges for low elevation areas. Luckily, we saw very little frost damage in our vineyards this season. Overall yield in the vineyard is lower that average. While short and somewhat sporadic, vintage 2019 is showing to be rich in flavor and phenolically dense.


The vineyards proximity to the winery is one of the ways we capture aromatics. We open the winery early and pick at night to keep fruit cool. We use a gentle press cycle to extract juice and fill tanks specially designed to limit oxygen exposure. At every step of the process, we try to limit oxidation to create a fresh and aromatic wine.

Food Pairing

Pair the 2019 Sauvignon Blanc with salads, roasted vegetables and seafood. We especially like it with Sea Bass and Oysters.