The most intense of noses. Deep, full, overpowering. I would say monolithic to try to convey the power of it, but that would betray its complex nature. Tense is certainly a descriptor of this aromatic universe.


The palate is dense and intense. Towering, powerful. Tense again (as was the nose), vibrant and young. Too young to drink now? It is for me. Red fruits add freshness and even more vibrancy. All these indicators demand aging. They are predictors of greatness to come.

Growing Conditions

The only Farm Winery Cabernet sourced outside the Adelaida district, Old Union is sourced from the Willow District just to the south with a strong marine influence from the Templeton Gap.

Ever since the first vintage in 2009, our farming has focused within the Paso Robles Adelaida District AVA. We farm Old Union a few miles to the south in the Willow Creek District. Both have steep oak-covered hills with limestone-rich calcareous soils.

For some time, we've wanted to produce same vintage Cabernets from Adelaida District (think Cardinal and LPF) and Willow Creek. To compare and contrast. To explore differences in terroir. With Old Union's 2017 debut, we fulfill this desire.


Our only wine not from the Adelaida District. If you wonder what we’re doing out there, why we looked beyond the Adelaida, just go for the bottle and you’ll know. That vineyard, resulting in this wine, stands as sufficient explanation.

Food Pairing

Once it has overcome its rebellious youth, Old Union will open up and mellow out and provide decades of satisfaction. When thinking of food pairings, this wine takes me to simple and true and verified by time and experience: steak, charred on the outside, rare on the inside.