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A brief history

Benom is the phonetic translation of the French word binôme, which translates to “a project together.” They are brothers, they are French, and for them making wine is a heritage.

Arnaud and Guillaume Fabre moved to California for Love. For Guillaume, it was his love of winemaking and farming without limit(s) that brought him to Paso Robles.

A love that saw him making wine for one of the most prestigious wineries in Paso Robles, L’Aventure. This passion eventually lead him to start his own brand of immaculate wine, Clos Solene.

Arnaud’s story is much more like that of a movie scene. His move to California was to follow the love of his life, Chloe. This is how the two brothers -Les Deux Freres Fabre- ended up in Paso Robles. The story gets far more interesting, but you will have to come find out for yourself!

A tribute to the extensive Fabre legacy in both the Languedoc-Roussillon and Bordeaux regions; as multi generational stewards, farmers and winemakers from birth; the essence of everything Benom, is the utmost quality and infinite expression of what the central coast of California has to offer in harmony with the innate skilled craft of the Fabre bloodline

Established in 2017

2959 Limestone Way
United States, California