The first wine to feature a tiny amount of fruit from our estate vineyard, the 2017
Fiano is a worthy successor to a string of very popular bottlings of this wine.
Along with its red Campanian cousin Aglianico, Fiano is entirely suited to the
southern Italian-like warm and dry climate of Paso Robles. Intense aromas of
cantaloupe, baked apple and hazelnut are followed honey, persimmon and pear
notes on the creamy/rich palate.

Growing Conditions

Nightingale Ranch, San Miguel District Paso Robles AVA
This property has been neglected recently for a few years due to a divorce and suered from cold damage in 2013. The new manager took steps in 2014
to "x" the problems by pruning and re-training the vines. It is sustainably farmed. Soils are the Nacimiento complex made of silty clay loam, 15-30% slope
on hills, weathered rocks from calcareous shale and sandstone are present in the soils. Elevation is 800 feet.


Clean and stony, our Fiano, from a newer vineyard source for us, lended itself to a
simple stainless-steel fermentation and maturation in the cellar. Destemmed and
crushed in chilled morning air, it’s left to soak on its skins for a bit before a
delicate basket pressing. It proceeds untouched through alcoholic and partial
malolactic fermentation, then ltered and bottled in mid February.

- Élevage - Neutral vessels, native fermentation