Orange blossom, nectarine, pineapple & thyme


Stonefruit, orange zest, mineral

Growing Conditions

Castoro Jack Knife Vineyard (Falanghina), Paso Robles Estrella District AVA
Soils are of the Nacimento-Los Osos complex. Mountainous -- almost a 50% slope facing North-East. Elevation is 1200 feet (roughly). Soils are a
silty clay loam and are well-drained. The temperature drops to the 50's each night and gets up to mid-90's. The vines run E-W to avoid the hot
afternoon temperatures. These own-rooted vines are organically farmed (though not yet certified).


Fermented entirely in terra cotta amphora, our Falanghina spent 3
months on its skins before being pressed and returned to amphora
for maturation.

- Élevage - Amphora, native fermentation