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A brief history

Harmony Cellars offers an extensive portfolio of wines and picturesque views of the surrounding coastal countryside. Established in 1989, owners Chuck and Kim Mulligan built their boutique winery to reflect the serene and unpretentious beauty in the town of Harmony—Population 18. That’s right, one of California’s smallest towns boasts some of the state’s best wines!

Winemaking in Harmony is not new, and the tradition harks back to the late 1800s. Kim Mulligan’s great-grandfather, Giacomo Barlogio, was a founder of the old creamery cooperative in “downtown” Harmony and used to make wine in his basement. Today the winery sits on a part of Giacomo’s original land holdings; land that’s been in Kim’s family for four generations. As a tribute to Kim’s heritage, Harmony Cellars produces a special reserve wine labeled “Grandpa Barlogio Zinfandel.”

From a buttery Chardonnay to a crisp Riesling, spicy Zinfandel to a voluptuous Cabernet, Winemaker Chuck Mulligan strives to make something for every palate and even does a Port. He likes experimenting with lesser-known varieties, like Sangiovese and Tannat, and enjoys crafting unconventional blends.
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Established in 1989

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