Gushing is the single most accurate word to describe this wine. Fresh strawberry, dried fig, and raspberry gush into your senses along with an assortment of other primary fruits. Subtle spices like white pepper and clove act as a refreshing layer of complexity and a strong counterpoint to the more obtuse and flamboyant red fruits.


Flavors are tactile and alive on the palate as silky and soft tannins intertwine with a slight effervescence. Cranberry juice underscores a bright acidity while a decadent and candied sweetness is covered in the form of cherry pie and watermelon jolly rancher. The wine finishes just as it started, soft and flavorful, proving to be enjoyably easy drinking and refreshing.

Growing Conditions

The grape itself is known to have larger berries and thinner skins, which provide a nice freshness and approachability to be enjoyed young, but the skins are very darkly colored which creates a striking color while still having soft and supple tannins.


The Cinsault attributes all make for a wine that doesn’t need extensive time developing in barrel prior to bottling, so we gave this wine just 5 months in oak before capturing in the bottle.