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A brief history

Nicora was started with little resources, and has been built from the ground up. It truly began in the cellar, where I learned from mentors such as Scott Hawley (Torrin), Eric Jensen (Booker), and Bob Tillman (Alta Colina). I worked for the funds to buy grapes and barrels, and spent many hours with purple hands and wet boots. My dream was to hand craft wines that would be both a personal expression and a reflection of the unique vineyards found within Paso Robles, and beyond.

At Nicora, I make wine using traditional techniques that are both time and labor intensive. Each year, I try to expand a bit more, whether it be searching out new-to-me vineyards or bottling just a little bit more, if Mother Nature allows. The hope is to not only provide Nicora enthusiasts with unique and exceptional wines, but to give you opportunities to experience the excitement and joy that is found while crafting the wines. I strive to create something so memorable that the wine may make it to your kitchen table to share with friends and family.
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Established in 2009

Tin City, 2945 Limestone Way
United States, California


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