Aromas of orange marmalade and honey.


A silky and velvety palate, that dances on your tongue with flavors of pear and white peach.


- Viognier - Block 37: 10/9/19
- Picpoul Blanc - Block 38: 10/9/19


December 12, 2019


Vin de Paille is a unique offering that is only vinified in specific vintages.

Literally “Straw Wine” in French, Vin de Paille is made with grapes carefully dried on straw to concentrate the flavors. The fruit was dried for 16 days; after it was hand-collected, it received pigeage (foot stomping), then was pressed and fermented in a stainless-steel tank. There was a 35% loss in weight due to the drying process.


Aged in a stainless-steel tank for two months prior to bottling.

Food Pairing

Enjoy this wine slightly chilled as an after dinner treat unto itself, or with fruit and cream-based desserts, or bold cheeses.