Ranging from rich blueberry and chocolate flavors to savory black olive and pepper, Paso Robles Syrah makes waves in the wine world.

Paso Robles Syrah Tasting Notes

Looking at a glass of high quality Paso Robles Syrah will surprise you with its near-opaque black color.

Expect saucy blackberry or blueberry aroma on the nose, leading to subtle floral overtones and meatiness. Depending on the producer, you'll find these wines go in two different directions:

Meaty and savory – Wines with black olive, black pepper, and bacon fat-like aromas.

Plummy and chocolaty – Wines with black plum, chocolate, and vanilla notes.

On the palate, the wines are mouth-coating with an oily texture and broad, textured tannins. Despite high tannins, wines typically finish smooth and smoky or smooth and creamy, depending on the producer's style.

Pairing Food with Syrah

With such density in Paso Robles Syrah, you could easily drink it as a cocktail wine because it doesn't need anything else to be complete. If you're looking to pair with a meal, focus on pure, simple flavors and textures like a nicely roasted chicken or creamy pasta so that the subtle aromas don't get lost.

Paso Robles Syrah Wines