Baked expression of Red fruits (cherries/strawberries). Escaping the glass matched with savory components of roasted tomatoes, tomato stems, and dried herbs (Oregano), Deep Golden Brown Honey. One-word descriptions - Soft, gentle, warm, welcoming, delicate and mellow, yet layered with complexity. Sandstone/limestone-like minerality and light evidence of New French Oak in way of clove, allspice/nutmeg baking spices and Macadamia Nut ever so faint.


Confirmed baked Cherries/Strawberries, Red Plum. Tomato Leaf finish supported by that savory base of the Sangiovese. The wine is dry with medium acidity, medium body, medium alcohol, medium tannins that show softly and taste sweet but not sweet, like Macadamia nuts. Limestone minerality upon entry to the palate.